No more wars, no more holocaust or genocide A visit by members of OIKIPA to Warsaw Museun of History of Jews, for the Ecosynergy 50+ project

During our visit in Poland for the Ecosynergy 50+project, we had the chance to see the new Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich)
Two notable events coincided during the April of 2013 at the heroic city of Warsaw: the 70th anniversary of the revolt in the Jewish ghetto of Warsaw, and the opening of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The celebration started on Friday (19/4/2013) midnight with lots of happenings and a big concert by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under the world class conductor Zubin Mehta.
The museum is located in a great spot north of the Old Town, near the old Jewish ghetto. There is an imposing monument in memory of the ghetto heroes, standing in front of the museum.
Patiently waiting among many other visitors, all with a yellow paper star on our chest given to us by volunteers scattered all over the city, we walked into the new museum.
On this impressive modern building, made of concrete and glass, and designed by a Finnish architect, the word POLIN was written in Polish and Latin characters, symbolizing the thousand year relationship between the Polish and Jewish nations.
The Jewish community consisted of 3.300.000 souls before the war. Warsaw’s ghetto had 400.000 people who were exterminated almost to the last one.
We left a tree branch and a hand-written note about OIKIPA-Greece on the site. Finally, we watched a fifteen minute movie about the history of the Polish Jews. We left the place deeply moved and awed, wishing “no more wars, no more holocausts, no more genocide”.
George kallinikos, Artemis Didachou