ECOSYNERGY 50 plus for Urban Environment

Promoting sustainable development has become the most important challenge the inhabitants of Earth face. All who understand and are willing to participate in building a world that respects the environment and nature need to come together. Seniors have a important role to play in this action - their experience, knowledge of tradition and culture, a sustainable perception of reality are qualities that can make a significant contribution to protect the Earth. 

The ambition of the project EcoSynergy50plus is to build, through the use of modern technology, an international network of collaboration among seniors and a synergy of their knowledge and activity in subjects related to environment and environmental education. In this sense, the project is innovative.
Each of the 12 senior volunteers will spend 3 weeks in the partner’s organization and support it through ecological activities, sharing their knowledge, competence, increase their skills and knowledge about new country and environment, and inspire each other. Seniors will take part in organizing environmental festivals, programs and activities of environmental education and nature protection.

With the environment pollution we have to deal every Day - no matter where we live: in the cities or in the country side. The humanity has to solve this problem on global level, as well as every human being on his own local level. The slogan “Act local, think global” includes raising of ecological awareness and consumers responsibility in all the world and in every place on the World. This can be only done if people are understanding and helping each other on transnational level. In XXI century the cooperation in environment protection activities and action is an imperative; the seniors knowledge and volunteering exchange plays an important role in this transnational environmental movement.

The purpose of this project is to show the possibilities of such a cooperation and the benefits of volunteers help and work to find answers and solutions on local level using the exchange of seniors experience.

About our organisations

Social Ecological Institute (Społeczny Instytut Ekologiczny) 

Sie80x80 Df924d350cc7365457ab2ded893c7fa9

Address: ul. Raszyńska 32/44, 02-026 Warszawa;
Tel/ fax: +48 22 668 97 92;
E-mail: biuro@sie.org.pl
Website addresses: http://www.sie.org.pl 

Social Ecological Institute is a non profit organization officially registered in 1990. The SIE’s statutory aims include pro-ecological activities, development of social support for sustainable development, supporting the development of local communities' cooperation, supporting sustainable development in rural areas, conducting and supporting various forms of ecological education.

SEI provides information as well as technical and organisational support to individual persons and organisations interested in issues related to protection of nature, environment, implementation of ecological technologies and renewable energies.

The most important projects of Social Ecological Institute include: A Model of agricultural biodiversity fostering the development of the countryside; Campaign against GMO and Pesticides; Between Narew and Bug rivers - a partnership for ecological effectiveness in 15 rural communes of Mazovien region, A model ecotourism network between Bug and Narew- creating a polish ecotourism certification system.

International projects: Green Bridge of Munich-Warsaw-Odessa rural cooperation (Ukraine), Common development ways Belarus-Poland-Germany (Belarus), Supporting farmers in organic farming and local processing, in Georgia.

One of the topic of SEI activities is protection and promotion of traditional orchards - more than 25 000 trees of local fruit varieties was planted in the landscape parks, in Rural Advisory Centre, in farms and Monastery gardens. Additionally a nursery of traditional varieties and regional collections was established.

SIE leads various forms of ecological and civil education for adults and children. Target groups include mainly farmers, rural self-governments, agricultural schools.

The organisation has established many contacts with local self-governments, local NGOs, rural woman’s’ and farmers. SIE cooperates closely with scientists and experts in Poland and Europe, with polish, foreign and international NGO and networks.
SIE’s various publications:„The SIE’s Library” series of books (Local varieties in an organic farm, Native animal breeds in an organic farm, Polish ornamental gardens, Traditional orchards, Monastery gardens – centers of biodiversity), reports, posters, leaflets, DVD movies: “A new tale of monastery orchards” and “The Kurpie model of agro biodiversity”

Zolw80x80 Db555b97e6faa19895f8905bb3c32130Ecological Movement of Patras  

a reliable environmental battlement in Western Greece

Βύρωνος 20Α, 26224 ΠΑΤΡΑ
Τηλ – fax: 2610 321010
email: oikipa@otenet.gr
url: www.oikipa.gr

Ecological Movement of Patras is one of most well-known Greek grassroots environmental organizations with a stable and multifarious action, which starts from the town of Patras and spreads to the whole of the Western Greece Region. Ecological Movement of Patras was founded in April 1986, just after the Chernobyl nuclear incident.
The goals of the organization as shown in its founding declaration include:
- The information, awareness and mobilization of citizens in environmental matters.
- The pushing forward of the environmental issues in their social, political and economic dimensions.
- The action to influence positively the local and national environmental affairs as well as matters of quality of life in the town
- Support and participation in actions for adult and environmental education

A fixed principle of the Movement is its political independence, which has been strictly preserved ever.
As a member is considered everyone who agrees with the general principles and takes active part in the making and realization of the decisions. Members are equal and no permanent demarcation of duties is in force. A committee of five members coordinates the activities of the organization. Main decision making organ is the weekly members’ conference, which take place every Monday evening at our offices (Vyronos 20a, Patras)
Its interventions usually overcome the level of public denouncement and proceed to the formation of documented proposals and positions and they have noteworthy effectiveness. Members of E.M.P. take part in the recycling Committee of the Municipality of Patras and in the Managing Boards of the nearby Protected Areas of Strofilia and Chelmos.

Green areas of Patras, Panachaiko mountain’s protection, the preservation of Patras urban grove, the sustainable development of Agia wetland, the Strofilia forest, the National Park of Chelmos mountain, pesticides, the treatment of animals, public transportation, clean air issues, recycling, the problems of pollution in the industrial area, are a part only of the issues that E.M.P. has dealt and keeps dealing with during the 26 years of its function.
E.M.P. is financed independently. It covers its functional expenses with members’ contributions and events as Eco-tourist excursions, food gatherings etc. It is open to every sensitive citizen willing to take part to its activities. Its social influence keeps increasing, which is proved by the participation in its public events and the circulation of its monthly paper, published already for 21 consecutive years.
We have conducted information campaigns about various issues as use of sprays in Carnival period, illegal parking, noise pollution, interventions in issues of general interest as waste management, river Acheloos diversion etc., the eco-tourist excursions in Greece and abroad, as well as practical voluntary contributions of members (summer fire safety, tree planting, coast cleaning etc)
Noteworthy is also the contribution of the Movement to environmental education in cooperation with the environmental education offices. We have cooperated in issues like recycling in town, Patras Port, Agia wetland.

For more information visit our website: http://www.oikipa.gr

E.M.P. is a founding member (1996) of Pan-Hellenic Network of Ecological Organizations, with active presence in its conferences and administration. Members of E.M.P. have represented the Network in the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, 2002 and repeatedly in the annual assembly of European Environmental Bureau (EEB) in Brussels.

Lux8ssss0x80LuXX e.V. was founded in 2000; the main focus shows the motto: "We motivate to use renewable energy sources, we offer counseling and education for people to make choice."

A creative team of environment experts, consultants, biologists, engineers, journalists and IT-experts provides professional and practical advice and project management in the fields of sustainable development..

Designed by luXX e.V. "Solar-info-Mobil" - (Mobile platform for information and demonstration of solar systems) informes people since 2002 at festivals, fairs and other events about how to save energy and use renewable energy sources.
The Association has not yet conducted an international volunteer exchange programs, but its members have many years of experience in the field of volunteering.

President - Sabine Brückmann – since 1990 is socially engaged in the activities of various NGOs. As a qualified biologist and environmental consultant led since 1989 volunteers who have studied the impact of everyday activities on the environment, especially drinking water. She works with various social groups, on national and international levels, helping them to build local networks of cooperation. An example for that is the UNSER LAND network, that includes 10 community societies in 11 districts around the city of Munich and Munich itself.

The existing and functioning of the cooperation is possible mainly due to social commitment of many people, who`s goal is the sustainable development of their region and who know that the strength lies in the joint action.